THE EAGLE........PG 1   True story told by the beloved senior
pastor of my church.   He's been battling illness for many years and his story is both miraculous
and inspiring!!!    I just "knew" that his message of a living God who is still active and working in
the lives of all us TODAY--here & now had to get out beyond Garr Memorial!!      Every Christian
everywhere needs to heed Pastor Byrd's words and trust that the Lord we serve is indeed alive
and well and very busy on our behalf!!!!!!   Praise Jesus!!!!!!!!!

Once there was a young boy
Who grew up here at Garr
In a family strong & Christian
During times when life was hard
His love and faith in Jesus
Started at an early age
And was the basis for his future
As if God had set the stage

While still young and full of life
The Lord's call was what he heard
And from that moment, in his heart?
The young man was Pastor Byrd!!
He followed wherever the Master led
Preaching and saving souls
Winning hearts for Jesus Christ
Was his life's most cherished goal

He became a wonderful preacher
With a talent for touching hearts
God blessed him so with the gift of
That for him?  It was an art...
The love & faith he had in Christ
Was evident beyond all doubt
And when he got behind a pulpit?
God's light came pouring out !!

He loved losing himself in Scripture
He could sit and read for hours
He pictured the eagle many times
Almost feeling it's might and power
For the awesome bird was everywhere
Throughout God's Holy Word
Was that why he grew to love them so?
Was that God's plan for Pastor Byrd?

To him the eagle was a symbol
Of the Father Who's always there
Who stays close to all His children
And hears every whispered prayer...
Now years went by and Satan fumed
At this soul-saving Godly man
He was rescuing far too many
Upsetting the devil's plan

So the pastor's health began to fail
First one thing, then the next
His eyesight faltered, then returned
But the devil wasn't finished yet!!
Cancer came....attacked his organs
So a kidney was removed
Then most of the other was cut away
But to the pastor it only proved