Come listen
to a Fairy
turn up your speakers !!
song is:   God blessed the broken road
           by selah

Once upon a time....

Together they are standing here
Starting out their brand-new life
Who have thought all those years ago
They’d one day be man &  wife!!
But even back at the beginning
Right in this very place?
She knew deep down inside her heart
When she first saw his face!

What happens when two people meet
And in each other’s eyes
They see reflected something there
That takes them by surprise?
They saw more than kindred spirits
She felt him gazing at her soul
And he knew then that he had found
The other half to make him whole!

But life, as always, intervened
And they each went separate ways
Down paths that led them to mistakes    
Lessons learned & prices paid
Still through the years they kept in touch
For deep down each always knew
That “
THIS ONE” somehow is special
Although they weren't sure what to do!

But their union was ordained above
So at the perfect place & time?
God stepped in to orchestrate
A blending of hearts & minds
That's the moment they both realized
What could no longer be denied
That they were meant to be together
Hand-in-hand & side-by-side!

So here tonight surrounded by
Their families and their friends
They promise each other love will last
Until forever ends!
And every morning they will wake
To thank the Lord above
For sending them this precious gift :
A complete, eternal love

They’ve joined together...two now one
To conquer whatever the future holds
For here tonight they have become
One mind, one heart, one soul !!

Click here for 3 pages of gorgeous before, during and post wedding pictures!!  

With their families & closest friends in attendance, during a candlelit ceremony, Kathleen and Geoff
were married at the very same chapel in Winston-Salem where they first met almost 20 years ago.....   
living proof that a love waited for is a love most treasured!                  We'd be honored to have you click
and join us as we share with the world what was to us?  The most romantic wedding ceremony we've
ever seen !

Kathleen is my oldest child, my only daughter and in my heart?  The most wonderful legacy I will leave
the world..........I love you baby !!          

                                                                                                        DUSTY /  Mama

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