Here goes...I'll turn 56  in May of this year.  I hail from Old New England...tiny town
called North Adams, nestled in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts.    Now I
live in Charlotte NC and I'm married to hubby #4  (it's the last time, I swear!)  Because

time I got it right!!    Not only is he my best friend & soul mate, but the most
understanding supportive spouse any woman could hope to find!      I could take you
on a tour of all the cities & states I've lived in, but even Yahoo has limits!!  Ha!

Rich has a son Ricky and a daughter Sandy...40 and 36 respectively. I have 3 beautiful
children, Kathleen 35, Ryan, 25 and AJ, 23.     Kathleen is responsible for our gorgeous
granddaughter #1, Morgan, who's even more beautiful than her Mom!   Just before
Christmas 2009, Kat married the love of HER life, a wonderful man name Geoff
Disher.      Their wedding is memorialized here on
the Porch....look on the sitemap for the link entitled FAIRY TALE!!  'Cause that's what it
was for sure!!  

Rick & his lovely wife Dawn gave us our wonderful granddaughter #2, Lauren, who is
my heart!!!  She'll be 8 in a few days  ....she's the only grandbaby we have who's within
HUGGIN' distance because the rest of the clan are down Greensboro way....sniff-sniff!
My son Ryan, who's a gifted writer and poet in his own right, is still footloose and
fancy-free.  He's also our resident computer guru who can make the darned things do
everything but the cha-cha!!   A skill that I promise he did NOT inherit from me....

AJ, my youngest and his beautiful wife Mary, presented us with granddaughter #3,  
Mackenzie Marie (a.k.a Munchkin! )born 4 days before our wedding anniversary on
November 7th of 06!!  And then...on Paw-Paw's birthday in 2008...they presented us
with our first grandSON!!  Aiden!  Needless to say, when we manage to accommodate
everyone's schedule in the same year that it's our turn to host the holidays....chaos is
an understatement!     I think, due to the space issue
(we live in a cozy but tiny condo) we've figured out the Holidaze thing.   Thanksgiving
with Kat's Klan in Greensboro and Christmas with Rick's crew here in Charlotte.

Rich retired in 1999 and we then spent 4 or 5 years commuting between
Massachusetts and North Carolina playing musical states before settling in the Queen
City.   We bought our lovely little condo, complete with patio, in a beautiful community
called Candlewood.   I informed hubby how
very glad I was that he liked it so much
because the only way I was leaving was "in a box"!!  Had enough packing to last me a
So we put all of our hearts & most of our wallets into furnishing and decorating this
little place and we truly do love it!   We share it with Sugar, the "speagle" (part beagle,
part spaniel, all angel....and sweeter than her name!) that we rescued from a shelter at
her "eleventh" hour!!

I used to work full time for Cirrus Medical Staffing, although the economic gloom
forced them to lay me off back in June of 09.  I went back to school to get my degree in
medical administration and graduated in June of 2010.      So far?  Despite blanketing
Charlotte with resumes both paper and online, I haven't had even a whiff of a job.     It
appears between the economy and me being in my one's interested.    Kinda
scary...unemployment runs out soon, but we're doing what we've always done,
trusting the Father to provide and show the way!!

In the meantime?     I maintain my beloved Front Porch, paint a line of T-shirts I call
Witness Wear,  I make Disciples Crosses to use introduce new believers to what Jesus
did and to remind the rest of us, I crochet all year long to make "Hats for the
Homeless" ( if you're good with a hook?  I sure could use the help!!! LOL!)   I also
volunteer with a prison ministry too, that goes into the city jails here in Charlotte to
share the Gospel!! (Link coming soon!!)  

Rich still  has his 3 "unofficial" jobs.  He's vice-president of the Homeowners
Association here at Candlewood,  an avid tennis players (doubles
and singles) 7 days
a week where, at age 67 he's still beating the socks off guys younger than him by 20
years.....(you GO baby!!!) and, since I don't drive anymore, he's my official "chauffeur".

I have a younger sister in Florida working as a nurse and busy with Dan, her very
hunky significant other, and her 2 grandbabies!!   Our Dad's still up in Pittsfield, Mass. I
have a best friend ( miss ya girl!!) who lives in Vermont, friends all over the country
PLUS a HUGE clan of aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews & cousins still holding down the
fort up in Massachusetts.    Almost everyone is viewable in the family album 3 or 4
clicks away...

Most folks who know will tell you I'm a mixture of a lot of things...clown, poet, dreamer,
Karaoke Queen....noted mostly for being out-spoken, outgoing and sometimes
downright outrageous!     I cry easily, laugh often, love to make others laugh and if
you're my friend? I'm never NOT there when you need me!.      I'm usually UP because
I'm simply too blessed to be depressed.    I've been witness to and the recipient of so
many miracles in my life that the faith I've always had in the Lord has been cemented
into a rock solid foundation that is the basis for everything I am and all that I
do...alright.....I can hear some girlfriends out there ( CJ ?) muttering... "OK,ok.....enough
already!!"    I'm done.
Had to have a section in place to give credit where it's due and thank all the
folks who helped me make the FRONT PORCH a reality !!     Top honors go to
CJ Jones and Dean Hardy, over at Cirrus!  They were in on this project from
the beginning and I KNOW I drove CJ nuts for weeks getting her to scan in most
of the personal photos for the ALBUM and having her explain various computer
"stuff" !    And Dean, for his invaluable help with computer operation in
general as well as finding me a security system that was advanced enough to
protect my computer and easy enough for this "technologically-challenged
cybergranny to acutally install and use!    
And Dean gave up SO many lunch hours during the week, to listen and critique
the "scribbles" that I continue to turn out on a weekly basis....I couldn't have
done it without either one of them!!!
And there's one more friend who came along after the Porch had been up and
running for a few years but has to be mentioned and that would be Nicole
Pratt, or YANK as I've called her almost from the moment we met!!   She
taught me how to BLOG, insert stuff, link stuff, etc.....I still don't understand
the HITMUL and JPEG stuff but I most definitely know who to run to when I
want a SONG on a page, or lose a link, or can't find all those weird places on

Honorable mention has to go to the folks at Yahoo Tech Support for helping
me navigate through the Sitebuilder process over the last 4 years!!   I'm sure
there are many Christians over at Yahoo's phone center....otherwise, I'd have
had a price on my head long before now!!   I'm honest enough about myself to
admit that the last thing anyone at a helpline center wants is an upset,
panicked ME on the phone at all hours of the day and night;  but that's exactly
what they got!        Without their patience and commitment to Customer
Service....I'd still be building..not publishing!  So thanks folks!
   CHANDRA  aka  " C.J. "         DEAN aka "PapaNoodle          NICOLE  aka  "Yank"
                                                             (don't ask!)