What you'll find on this site is mostly poems and stories.   Some long, some short,
some fact, some fiction.    Messages, dreams, stories, lessons, parables, drama and
humor, most written by yours truly, and inspired I believe, by the Father Himself.   For
reasons known only to Him, He's seen fit to bless me with a gift for rhyme, storytelling
and words in general.    

Most of the work is spiritual in content, the long ones all involve some story or
another and are grouped together in an index called simply: STORIES .    At the
beginning of each story, I've included a paragraph about how that story came to be...
whether it was a dream I had, or something that actually happened to me (which my
kids seem to believe make the best stories of all!!) or if it was a story or an idea sent
to me by someone else.
People send me stuff all the time that they received in the flood of "stuff" that's
continually "in orbit" out there on the Web.    If it touches me in some way, and IF I
can make it rhyme  (that's the only criteria for inclusion I have!) then I'll find a place
for it on the porch!       I always include the author's name, if we know it ( although
often neither the sender or I have any idea who it is)   

So by all means, if you recognize a story anywhere on the porch and you are either the
author yourself or know who is, please let us know!!!     I've put several ways to reach
me all over the a link that says EMAIL ME,  leave an entry in the
Guestbook ( the links at the end of every story and poem plus the Sitemap!),  or just
drop me a line in the CHATBOX on the main page!

Now when it comes to the shorter poems  I've got them arranged in groups of different
colors with a title for each that gives you the "flavor" of each batch!!       For
example....the group called BIBLE BUNCH?  You guessed it!  Lots of soul food in
that one!!       

A group called ODDS & ENDS or INS & OUTS?   Probably a conglomeration of
topics that have caught my eye, heart, mind or temper at some point in the last 30
years or
so....some will make you cry,  some will make you laugh and I've no doubt that more
than a few will have you firing up your inbox to blast me into the stratosphere with an
email explaining why I'm off-base.    So be it..... just don’t forget to put your topic in
the SUBJECT LINE!!    Something to tell me WHAT you're writing about!!
Like this maybe :             PORCH.....POEM
                            PORCH.....NEW SITE!!
                            PORCH.....BLOG COMMENT
                            PORCH.....AUTHOR INFO
                            PORCH......ADD ME TO "thought" LIST!    

Whatever it is....that helps me out tremendously because the amount of email I get
every day is SCARY!!!

Also, please bookmark the FRONT PORCH or add it to your favorites because I'm
adding stuff all the time!!   New poems, stories, updating the Guestbook, checking the
CHATBOX, blogging my head off, adding pix to my Family Album, creating new pages
when I find a cause that moves me,  linking to some of the best Christian sites, etc...

We've been online for almost 5 years and we've actually gotten big enough to need
a SITEMAP!!   Once you there?  You can just scroll up and down to find the links to
almost anything!!    Getting THAT page organized was an experience, let me tell ya!!

Also, I've tried to make sure that all the links go where they're supposed to!   But a
programmer I am not!!!!!! So please, especially if you're a "regular" who's here a lot,
let me know if you click somewhere and either DON'T go anywhere or end up
somewhere totally UNEXPECTED!! that you've gotten the grand tour?
Here's your cup of hot chocolate, a napkin and I'll just leave these cookies on the
table near the swing in case you get the munchies...make yourself at home as you
read, click and surf to your heart's content!        I hope you enjoy your visit and come
back're ALWAYS welcome!!

Love Dusty