Had a lawyer friend of mine tell me I'd better include a paragraph on this
subject to avoid getting the folks over at the Library of Congress all upset!   I
do hold the copyright for almost everything posted on the FRONT PORCH,  
mainly because I've been writing and publishing for a long time and old
habits die hard!!    But I believe with all my heart that the spiritual poems &
stories I've written and continue to write have been inspired by God and even
though I've sold lots of articles over the years,  I
have never and will never
take a penny for anything that came from Him.    He doesn't charge ME...I'm
certainly not gonna charge anyone else!!   Salvation is precious...but it's NOT
for sale!!!

With that said, I have a hard time believing He sends down all this inspiration
just so the stuff can live in my desk the FRONT PORCH is my
way of getting it out there!!         By all means...feel free to copy, print, email,
share, re-post, send snail mail or give it to your minister, neighbor, spouse,
co-worker or anyone who needs to hear or could use them to share with

       Not necessary to even use my name  unless you choose to!    After
all...while mine is amazingly UNimportant....HIS NAME can and does change
lives!!!    I've come to believe after witnessing some of the miracles this poetry
has brought about, that if I can just get the words down on paper, and (with
my readers' help!!) get them out where people can be exposed to it,  that the
Lord has an amazing way of making sure that the "right" poem gets to the
"right" person at the "right" time!
I've seen it happen over and over and over again!!    So have at it!!   

We serve an awesome, living God who loves us SO much that He sacrificed
His only Son to save us!!!    The price has been paid & the most precious Gift
in the world is waiting....I believe with all my heart that we're rapidly running
out of time!   Open your heart to Jesus before it's too late...and bring as many
souls with you as you can!!!

    Share these poems and stories along with the FRONT PORCH link
anywhere you wish.       This site was His's about and for HIM.....and
would not have been possible without His Grace, assistance and intervention
!!!  I hope with all my heart that you enjoy what you read and see fit to use it
and help me PROCLAIM THE NAME!!  After what He did for us?  Isn't it
the LEAST we can do?  

Love Dusty