Just wanted to take a few minutes and introduce all my
PORCHERS to one of the supplements I've been using since
December of 2012.    They're called
HEALTHY chocolates.    

We all know or have heard that anti-oxidants are the most effective,
naturalweapon against cancer of all kinds.    These little squares of
dark chocolateEACH contain around 16,400 units of
anti-oxidants!!    A maintenance doseis 3 squares per day, but I'm
on 5 or more due to my illness.    

What's most amazing for me?  Is the WAY I found out about these
little cancer blasters!!    Greg and Julie are neighbors of mine here
in Candlewood and Julie is on my little thought for the day
list....well, she and Greg were at church one Sunday and a minister
told Greg about these chocolates and what wonderful reports they
were hearing from folks using them and the effects they were
having on cancers and other medical conditions deemed
"hopeless" by the doctors.

Well, that night Julie read one of my cancer updates and the Lord
just impressed upon her heart that she had to let me know about
these chocolates.    So she told Greg, he called me and explained
and the rest is history!!    

Now I firmly believe in GODWINKS and this was a big one!!   For
whatever reason,  God wanted me to start using these
chocolates.   OKIE-DOKIE!!    For the first few months I was on
these chocolates, our finances were less than pitiful ...I mean, there
wasn't anything in our checking account but an echo!!!  LOL!!
Greg and his wife paid for my boxes of chocolates, month after
month, because they felt so strongly that God intended me to use

Now Joe Duncan, who is one of the distributors for this chocolate (
and also a minister, if I'm not mistaken...) also donated many boxes
of chocolates at his own expense...These are GREAT Christian
people, folks!!   

I've been using the chocolates since early December....ever since
my chemo rounds first started.     Now I'm well-aware that I can't
make any claims about the effects because nothing has been
"scientifically evaluated,  but I do know, that I sailed through 3
rounds of chemo without a side effect!!    My tumors are now
"frozen in their tracks" according to the doctors, which apparently
is NOT normal for my type of cancer after it spreads to the bones as
mine has done.    The doctors are at a loss to explain any of that.     

My energy level has been phenomenal ever since I started on the
chocolates.....lots of other folks on the same type of chemo drugs I
used were in the hospital being fed intraveneously because they
were too weak to feed themselves while I was racing around doing
housework, walking Sugar, my little beagle around the
neighborhood, redoing my kitchen cabinets,   keeping up with
speaking engagements all over Charlotte, etc.

I personally do not pray for HEALING....to me?  That's a bit more
arrogant than I choose to be with God....but I do pray for strength,
energy, grace and the endurance to carry out this plan He has for
the rest of my life and the ability to complete this job He's given me
to do before I go home!     I firmly believe that these chocolates,
because of the way I found them, plus the Christians who were so
dedicated to providing me with them in the beginning, and also the
effect they have had in yielding the very things I've prayed for are
just one of the ways that God has answered MY prayers!!

Below is the website link for the man I get my chocolates
from.....please check it out!!!  He has tons of information and some
AMAZING testimonials about the successes linked to these
chocolates!!!    His email is also available on the website!!   

And don't forget one of the most important lessons I'VE learned in
my Christian walk so far.....


Our Father does indeed work in mysterious ways!!    GOD BLESS!!
Love D