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Hey uncle Bernie & aunt Lynn,

Me, Geoff & Morgan are praying 4 you!  I'm not a Dustys front porch stalker but
when Mom told me about what ur going thru, I deff had to come and let u
know I love you and we are praying 4 you!  You have  always been the rescuers
of others and now it's ur turn to lean on us  and we are here!
We are always here if you need us and would love to be closer and keep  in
touch. You will be in our prayers!
Kathleen Disher (Aka) Laflamme (DUSTY'S DAUGHTER & FAMILY)
Dear Dad...Please know you are very much loved and I pray for you everyday...I will be
here for you through the whole ride bumpy or smooth because you have always been
there for me...We willl make it through this...lots of love always....
Your daughter Krystal xoxo
North Adams, MA, USA
First of all I want to thank Dusty, her hubby, her family and everyone who put their prayers and
thoughts toward my father.  Its good to know that there are people out there that care
unselfishly.  As for my father.............  Dad, Pops, Poppy, Old Man, Bagger, Buddy, My father ,
my friend, Poppy Chulo.  Wow where to start...  Your the best father anyone in this world could
ask for.  I know that you and I havent always seen eye to eye, and have had our shares of ups
and downs with eachother.  But in the long haul you have always been there for me.  You and I
have formed a bond that is unbreakable, and I enjoy every moment we spend with eachother.  
Your the one to bring a laugh up when Im down, the one to make sense of stuff when it seems
like ill be in the dark forever.  Theres qualities that I see in my self now that I know were
influenced by you and only you.  You taught me how to be a great father.  Because its you who
taught me that anyone can be a dad, but it takes a real man to be a father.  You taught me
hard love.  I know there have been times in my life that you must have frowned down on me,
times that I know that I let you down.  But you taught me that hard love is necesary for a hard
headed kid like I was.  And I appreciate all the talks and arguements we had, bacause now that
I look at it, you were right 99.9% of the time.  You taught me how to let go of the small things
and live life.  You taught me how to be a hopeless romantic. (Shannon thanks you for that one
also)lol.  You taught me how to hunt, how to fish, throw a ball, work hard, fight for what I
thought was right, and to never ever give up on life.  Which is why I know in my heart that
everything will be ok.  Your a fighter.  You never give up.  You keep the faith.  You have grown
a family that loves you and admires you very much.  Theres no love like the love from a father
to son. I know this.  You are and always will be a humongous part of what I get out of life that is
good. A smile comes to my face everytime I see your picture or see you.  You make me proud
to call you dad. You hang in there.  And dont ever give up.  So to the best father in the world, I
Love You Dad Love YOUR Son James
Bern (Dad),

I want to let you know that I love you dearly. You are the best father in law anyone could have.
Although my love James has put you through crazy times you have truly made him an amazing
person. He loves his family more than anything. Family is his first priority. You should be proud of
who you have been to your children. I am proud to call you my father in law and it puts a smile on
my face when i get to spend time with you or talk to you. Although you boys love to pick on us
women its still hilarious. You guys always make me laugh. You and Mom are truly strong people
and i highly look up to you. I'm so happy that you excepted me into your family and made me one of
your own. I think of only positive thoughts for your future and pray to spend many more amazing
and happy moments with you. Although I cant always be around, I still truly love you guys with all my
heart and think of you non stop. Aidan talks about you every day! You are his (bagger) papa. We all
will get through this and we will make it as a family. We love each other so much! Once again Dad
and Mom I am so happy to be a part of your family and love you so much!  I am thinking and praying
for you always!
Bernie with his boys...Levi on the left
and Jamie on the right... Handsome
bunch hey?!!
Jamie & Shannon
Lynn & Bernie's daughter
Krystal & her boys!!
Shannon & Jamie
My daughter Kat..
GREAT genes!!  LOL!


Hey everybody!!;  We have just had another miracle in our little family...We have a new colt, named Aztec
(pic>>>>) Cloud (momma) had a little bit of trouble when he was first born, but we did some praying and
two hour watches and he is doing well.  (Momma too).  Randy and Michael (grandsons) are thrilled to
witness a new life....I love sharing  these things with them and see the love in their eyes.  It was uplifting,
and then I came home and Bern and I checked out the Porch as we always do.  Such wonderful people,
such nice things, So many prayers......thank you all for we are receiving blessings one after the other.  We
send our love to all of you, wishing we could meet you all in person.  We feel as though we have such a
large family now that we must include everyone in some of our small miracles!  Have a wonderful day
everyone sending hugs to all of you!!!
To my husband;

You are the bravest man I know.  You are always there when I need you, to hold me when I am
down.  You chose to let two young men into our "almost reitred" life.  The spirit you show me
now lifts me even higher.  We will always be best friends and soul mates.  We will walk this path
together, hand in hand, like we do every other path that has been in our lives.  We will be
holding hands together when Michael and Randy graduate from school, because our faith will
bring us through this together.  We are going through this together because we need to learn
something, perhaps that we are much stronger than we think.  This will build our strength to
raise these two boys to be respectful and peaceful young men.  They are the reason we are
here today, they are the reason we will be here tomorrow and all tomorrows.  They were given
by God and He has made it our fate.  I love you very much and I will be there always, just like
we promised oh so many years ago.
          Love, Lynn
Bernie I wish the best for you.  Hope you get a liver soon.  You
deserve it more than anyone I know.  You have a big heart and have
done really great things for two boys that couldn't ask for better
grandfather.  If it wasn't for people like you who are forgiving and
caring, some people would never get second chances even though
they don't deserve it.  I thank you for everything you've done (Da
too).  No one deserves this more than you.  Love Michael (Mikey's
and Randy's Dad)

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Being my brother-in-law has not always been easy - for me that is!!  ha ha   I sit here and think of
all the crazy things the three of us did through the years.  WOW!!  From the fishing expeditions
with the kids, to you rescuing me from "that bee that was as big as a house".  As I say a prayer
for you I always think of some crazy thing we did back when the kids were little.  Playing cards,
fishing, playing cards, camping, did I mention playing cards....  Those were the good days for our
kids and for us.  Randy and Boomer are so lucky to have you and Lynn, you have done so much
for them and you have so much more to teach them.  Your love of nature is second to none and
the boys are developing that same love.  Lynn and you have always made an awesome couple
(lucky her) and I know that it breaks her heart to see you sick but she has an inner strength that
will pull you both through.  Perhaps her time her on earth is the "healer" because her heart is
too big for anything else.  We all await the news that your finally getting the liver so you can get
back to doing what you like best, hunting, fishing and enjoying time with the "big boys" and the
"little boys".  You are the best and I am forever grateful that we have shared so much through
the years.   You take care and have faith.  
Loving you always,  Tia
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